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June 18th  REDRUM live at Supreme Bars
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April 24th  live on Guerilla Grooves Radio with Dj Fred Ones and Rhinoceros Funk

March 19th  live on Against The Grain Radio with Dj Polarity Monday Night 8pm-10pm (eastern time)

March 9thRedrum live on@Stay_up.newswith Mic Handz discussing HipHop and it's effects and synergies with political and practical America

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REDRUM was born in Staten Island, New York and was known for his ability to tell stories and entertain crowds with his Irish wit.

He grew up in section 8 housing where he struggled to get by. Plagued with being looked at as different , he would find getting creative and unique with word play against all comers would silence the question of what he was made of. Ballplayer turned Rapper at a young age , he got into Graffiti ,had beef on the street and was in and out of trouble with the law and had to make a decision where his life was heading, He chose Music.. Beatboxing since a kid, he would spark freestyle cyphers everywhere he went. Schooly D invited Redrum to come on stage with him after hearing him beatbox and freestyle with him back stage in philadelphia . Red honed his skill set in the underground circuit of New York. He signed a two year licensing deal with Missing link Music.

Through trials and tribulations in and out of hospitals following the rappers brushes with death from a tragic accident and battling depression, he would carve out new lyrics to his life to reflect the unforeseen and inspiration learned by not giving up. REDRUM put out his Debut Album "The Side You Don't See" July 29th, 2010 with production from "Rockwilder" and D12's "Mr. Porter". He dropped his Debut Video "When I'm with You" and followed up with the "Time to Retaliate" Video.

Performing over 250 shows at places such as Hunter College, Club Pyramid, The Aviator Center. Showing his versatility, Red performed for the Coast Guard with a hundred piece choir in Staten island's Fort Wadsworth. He toured the United States with Grammy Award winning Recording Artist/ Guitarist Vernon Reid & D.J Logic and was featured on a track with Slick Rick on their album "Front end Lifter". Along with being on Mixtapes hosted by Dj Khaled, Dj Vlad, Dj Bedtyme 357, Dj Smoke and Coast2Coast Mixtapes, He's also been featured in Canada's "Peace Magazine". He opened up for "Showbiz and A.G" at the First ever "Bronx Fest" with Hot 97 and Power 105 in attendence , Hosted by A&R Fence. In 2012 writing new songs, in the studio recording collaborations and dropping unreleased tracks. In 2013- 2014,REDRUM recorded all new material , working with new producers, and performing shows across the Tri-State. In 2015 Redrum released his "I Burn" EP produced by Corbett and Video and Later in the year released his New Mixtape "Crack the Surface" featuring grammy nominated artist Melodiq, along with Mic Handz & Napoleon da legend Available for free download .

​ In 2016 He released his new video "Crash Symphony" filmed entirely at South by South West 2016 where he performed on The Writters Block Tour, He's featured on mixtapes by Dj Crank, Dj Pressure, feat. on Definition of Fresh, Spit Fire, Rap Attack.

2017 Re-released his Debut Album "The Side You Don't See" on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify.  In 2018 He's in the studio working on his new project featuring Juxx Diamondz, Dj Homicide, Dj Noisi Boi (London's Itch FM) and more.